Parent Partnership

We see parents as the children`s first and most important educators, recognising the importance of our partnership with parents and endeavouring to continually work together to provide the best experience and most positive impact on each child`s development and learning. We actively encourage parents to become involved in every stage of their child`s development throughout nursery to ensure the best outcomes for children.

Key Person Approach

The key person for every child is a vital factor in developing our parent partnership. While the child benefits from having a familiar, reassuring face each day, the parent has a clear point of contact in the nursery and we try to ensure that all key people share as much information with parents as possible, providing feedback at the end of every session and dealing with any concerns.

Settling in sessions

Once a child has a place confirmed at nursery, a number of settling in sessions will be arranged with the nursery management and key person, to ensure that the child has a smooth transition into nursery life.  During these sessions we will gather information about their likes, dislikes, routine and development.  Through our settling in sessions we aim to gradually get the children used to attending nursery and being away from their primary carers.

Learning and Development and Parent reviews

Parents are invited and encouraged to contribute to their child’s Learning Journeys by providing information on experiences and activities their child has been involved with away from the setting. Our parental portal where observations are published for parents to view daily activities provides a perfect way to do this and offers the facility to enter observation from home allowing us to see all of the fun and interesting things parents do with their children to help them learn and develop.  All children learn and develop differently therefore your views and ideas are key to helping us tailor learning experiences for your child and we will meet with parents regularly to discuss how they are progressing and how we can help them to continue developing their skills.

All about me

We see babies and young children as individuals first each with a unique profile of abilities and interests so to enable us to focus the nursery experiences around your child as they start nursery or move from room to room we will ask parents to share information about their child with us. When moving rooms children also have settling in sessions to the new room to familiarise themselves and support a smooth transition.

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