Healthy eating

Here at Mereside Farm Children's Nursery, we offer a variety of balanced and nutritious foods, to help provide the children with the energy they will need for a busy day of fun, education, learning and play.

Our menu's are planned in consultation with the owner, manager, cook and an external chef and are all cooked on site from fresh on a daily basis. Menus are displayed in the Nursery and within our website and whenever there is a specific dietary requirement, we work closely with parents to find an alternative solution.

We work to exacting standards and were awarded a "Very Good - 5" rating (the highest possible) in May 2016 by the foods standards agency regarding our Food Hygiene.

A typical day at Mereside for all of our rooms will start with breakfast of cereal or toast followed by a mid morning snack. A healthy two course lunch follows around mid day consisting a cooked lunch and desert followed by a mid afternoon snack, with tea time around 4pm rotating around cooked / cold, examples being fish fingers and beans to sandwiches.

All of the children who are old enough sit around a table, with some of the older children setting the table and are encouraged to talk about the food to understand what it is they are eating, and cleaning both themselves and the table afterwards.

Milk is served daily to all children, unless requested otherwise, and accompanies one of the snack time.

For further information please take a look at our menu's attached and do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional requirements / questions.

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